At our own initiative we are offering to give a new Thermomix TM5 model to each and every one of the 9,443 customers who bought a TM31 model between 7 July 2014 and 23 September 2014, the timeframe agreed with the ACCC when we misled customers by not informing them about a potential safety risk. The TM5 is the current Thermomix model available and sells for $2,089.

We’re enormously proud of our wonderful product and look forward to it continuing to help improve the lives of our customers and their families.

We will be contacting all these customers by email with details on how to accept the offer.

If you’re a customer who believes they should be in this group – so you purchased a TM31 model within this timeframe but did not receive an email from us - please call our customer care team on 1800 788 332 during normal business hours so we can update your contact details and/or to check the date of your TM31 purchase if you can’t remember it exactly.

TIP: check your junk mail folder particularly if you have a hotmail address.